the last step: abstract journal page complete

Remember what was going on with my visual journal page yesterday? I think I’ve come to a resolution, at least for now, to the forms, lines and colors on this particular page. And I have to tell you, it got a lot messier before I was able to pull things together.

That brings me to a point: visual journal pages don’t have to be complete, or finished, ever. My journals have pages which I’ve taken to a complete sort of state (in my head), but they also contain doodles, quick sketches, sketches with notes about color, or the light or the day in general. They can contain experiments with and notes about mixing colors. You can stick photos or clippings or bits of fluff in them. They are what you observe, or think up, or collect on any given day; they are whatever you want to do, when you want to do it. If it turns your crank or trips your trigger, put it in your visual journal. That’s what makes it your unique record of your individual life.

Now, I happen to enjoy taking a page from a beginning (like drawing from a collage) to a place where I think I can stop, or where it feels like a “finished” piece. But, that’s just me. Other people are all over the map regarding their visual journals. Wander over to the gallery of work by artists who use Moleskine notebooks and sketchbooks. You’ll see sheer variety and the endless creativity that we humans can produce. It’s delightful!

Oh, and here’s where my journal page got to:

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