collage for late summer

There’s nothing like collage for fueling the creative gas tank. Today I glued down magazine clippings first: images of interesting fabric, repetitive patterns, and areas of color). Then, pulling colors from the images for my palette, worked on the surface with pencil, crayon, and gouache. I wanted to make the edges between the rectangular pieces disappear, to bridge between the unrelated cut-outs and start giving the page a sense of interconnectedness. The one area that I didn’t touch (much) was the view of a forest just to the left of center. I’m happy with the result. There are areas and ideas here that I’d like to incorporate in a painting at some point. I often take colors, or certain shapes or linear ideas from my visual journal to canvas. However, I have to stay immediate— in the moment— while painting, or it can get dull very quickly.


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