a day of patterns

Saturday morning, my daughter and I were waiting for my parents to arrive at La Brioche, our favorite breakfast place in Madison. The delight to our taste buds is only one part of the equation of experience there. Tall, spacious ceilings, great heavy chairs, and intriguingly patterned wallpaper frame and populate the space, and the air is light and happy.

Hannah was intrigued by the wallpaper, and snapped a picture with her phone.

Mesmerizing. So mesmerizing that this morning, I opened the image and drew it in my visual journal with pencil. I’ve enhanced the contrast so you can see all the marks.

Next, I’m going to add color. Hannah tweaked the color with a phone app, so I won’t refer to it extensively, but I do like the contrasts.

As I drew, I thought about my fascination with patterns, and thought about using them more in my paintings. Maybe a patterned area can transition into something more abstract. Maybe I can create intricate patterns and just let them stand alone.

But first, to practice drawing/painting one. I enjoy the different edges and the many different shapes used to fill spaces. Even though the space is full of little, decorative shapes and lines, there are underlying symmetrical forms which lend a sense of organization and structure. What a wonderful tension and balance between the two.

More later.


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