the new sharpie liquid pencil has arrived

I swear I read about the new liquid graphite before the new year (2011) turned, and excitedly thought that Sharpie had come through again. Well, not literally. Their relatively new Pen is remarkable in that it gives a great fine line, doesn’t break up, and also doesn’t bleed through thin Moleskine calendar or notebook pages. All of the above are a big plus in my (Moleskine) books.

Ever since I read about the new Sharpie Pencil, I’ve been looking for it. Just this past weekend, I was in an art store in Madison, Wis. with my daughter, and fruitlessly searched through the pens and pencils, and the special Sharpie display… nothing.

Imagine my surprise when I was in Walgreen’s… the upscale Walgreen’s on the west side of Waukesha, mind you. Not the downtown Walgreen’s where I usually shop. Magically… amazingly… THERE was the new pencil. Wrapped in plastic and cardboard so no artsy types like me could give it a test run (first warning sign??).

Well, I bought one. I’ve had it for a week, and must say that I like how it erases. Otherwise, I just can’t quite get to believing that it is some sort of liquid graphite going on the page.

It rolls on like a pen, complete with some bloops and blobs… much like the pens that I don’t buy because of the bloops and blobs. It looks kind of like graphite, or maybe more like a gray-colored pen.

I tried doing some drawing, and can’t hold the pen/cil at an angle to the page to make long hatch marks, the way I do with real pencils.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to report that the new Sharpie Pencil is a real loser. Love the pens, but the pencil is just not believable, is too blobby, and the best part is still that it erases.

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