repetition of form

In my visual journal journeys of late, I’ve been experimenting with repetition. As impromptu, crazy, unique or wild as I have enjoyed being, at times, there is something very comforting and even intriguing in repeating a form throughout a composition.

I wonder why we like repetition in art and design so much. Is it a reflection of the repetition in daily life that we find calming? Is it something about counting, or seeing the same things repeated over and over (like the lamp posts that repeat as you stroll along a city street) that somehow speak to our need for math, and order?

And when something changes in the order, we are surprised, and sometimes even laugh. Is that why we like the order… because it might change, and give us a little delight?

I can say that for today’s sketchbook entry, repeating the somewhat-rounded red squares took on a rhythm for me. As I practiced using my brush to create them, they became more regular and rote… even though they remained organic and all different. In the rhythm, I took a comfort. In the experimentation with color (and how bold or subdued I allowed the red squares to be) there was lots of delight.

Hopefully, in seeing, the viewer experiences something akin to what I did as I painted on the page.



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