digital sketchbook work in progress

I’ve been working on my Sketchbook Pro painting-drawing during my commutes in and out of Milwaukee. I ride a freeway bus, so I’m not drawing and driving! There have been a few curious onlookers among my fellow passengers, who find the app and the iPad equally amazing. It’s fun to share.

What most people tell me when they see me drawing anywhere is that they are NOT artists, and they can’t draw. They learn my stance quickly: if you have opposable thumbs and a human brain, you most decidedly CAN draw. It is not a matter of can or can’t, it is a question of practice… will you or won’t you?

Anyway, the progress is slow, but I’m finding some good challenges in getting the colors the way I want them. A tonal progression leads you through a work in color steps… a logical progression in hue, value and saturation.

Here it is today:

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