beautiful, linear world

Today, while still technically a winter day, is unusually balmy and warm. This is on top of many unusually warm winter days this season. I’m not sure if I should consider this an elongated fall or an early spring. I did manage to get some winter thinking done when the weather was cooler, and today took a warm winter walk. Walking, to me, is conducive to being in the present moment, and not a practice that produces a lot of deep thought.

My solitary, sedentary winter thinking, usually done with a symbolic heap of snow outside to fuel me, was a lot about choices. My thoughts became questions: I questioned my decision to take a visual arts route in life. I questioned why I abandoned a serious writing practice somewhere around the time I gave birth to my beautiful artist/musician daughter who is now 21. I questioned my decision to be an abstract painter. I questioned my subject matter (or lack thereof). I questioned this blog. I was not keeping a visual diary over the winter… why should I urge anyone else to?

Sometimes we need to take stock. We need to take our lives apart and view the small pieces, and then stack them up a different way. For me, I guess that time has traditionally been winter, under the beautiful snow blanket, and cold.

This season, there was no beautiful snow blanket, and the cold was, well… warm. But I stacked my life-pieces back together and came up with some conclusions. I’ll fill you in on them in future blog entries, but first want to treat you to a wonderful linear scene I found on my walk today.

Look at the mad scramble of branches. Look at the shadows of branches cast on every surface. Look at skinny branches lit by sun, and dark branches in shadow. That mad scramble is life. It is mesmerizing.