tangles filling the pages

Once, in kindergarten, Mrs. Hauser handed us each a piece of paper, upon which was mimeographed the outline of two mitten shapes. We all set to work with our crayons, and undoubtedly gave Mrs. Hauser a few moments of quiet.

My mitten page has long since gone back to the ground in the Janesville, Wisconsin landfill, but I’m sure I filled my mittens with splashes of colored energy, and plenty of red, which was my favorite at the time.

I don’t recall my creation, but remember clearly that my friend, Judy Ludwig, very carefully filled her mittens with thin, horizontal stripes of alternating colors. I was enthralled! I began to practice making stripes, controlling my hand and the distribution of color, creating shapes full of the new pattern I had learned.

Learning the tangle patterns and creating new pieces of Zentangle® art has recreated the wonder of a new discovery and the thrill of practicing new patterns for me.

August 1: zedbra, lily pads (with points), tripoli, triangles, flux, shattuck, crescent moon, and allium.

August 2: cadent, punzel, shattuck, flux, onomato, and a tangellation of florz.


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