the stripes challenge

Every week, Laura Harms, aka the Diva CZT, issues a new Zentangle challenge. It is a great way to explore new tangles and strings. This week it’s challenge #92: stripes. That is, the foundation, or string, for drawing structured patterns, is a set of parallel lines, or stripes. My interpretation is pretty straightforward, with horizontal stripes. Check out the links on her blog for other people’s ideas.



14 thoughts on “the stripes challenge

    • Thank you. My patterns tend to be on the small and complex side, so I felt as though the squid didn’t stand out as much as I’d like to see… but that’s what is so cool about Zentangle. I don’t fret about what is going to look “right” because the end result is not a goal.

    • Thanks Cathy. At the risk of sounding too full of myself, I think it’s awesome how they go together, too. It just takes a little bit of going past the string as you work on a pattern. A little “what if I do this… or that…” takes your tile to new places. And watching it come together is the most exciting part.

  1. This is very beautiful. It sure isn’t looking like straight lines. It is a very flowy and organic design. I love the way you did the tripoli. It really fools my eyes. Your shading is great. And the way you let flow the tangles into each other is great. For me that is a hard part. So you did a great job.

    • Oh, thank you Didisch! You’re right, the stripe lines aren’t straight, but rounded just a bit. I think maybe the term “straightforward” got a little lost in translation. I just meant that I did parallel, horizontal stripes, which is straightforward… a pretty direct interpretation of the assignment.

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