a family practice

Last weekend I had the pleasure of sitting around a table with my family, sharing some Zentangle patterns, and drawing together. Well, my brother did a puzzle, but we were all doing something that we have always done together: sitting quietly, pens and pencils in hand, drawing (or writing or puzzling). As children, we drew while sitting on the floor. It was normal for Mom or Dad to be at a table, drawing something. Even a quick sketch of an idea for landscaping, or to show someone how a machine works. The point is that my parents quite naturally introduced us to using images to communicate, and also to the practice of drawing as a way to be, quietly, together.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I have been thinking a lot about traditions. Maybe because my daughter has sworn off meat… our meal will not be the traditional fare. When the meal is done, however, we will both probably open a sketchbook or take out a Zentangle tile, and continue the comfortable family practice.


This week’s Diva Challenge is to use a pattern called Socc. There’s a link on the Diva’s page that tells how the pattern came about, and how to draw it. Here is my tile using Socc.


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