tangling without a string

I taught a Zentangle class on Sunday afternoon, and mentioned, as I like to, that the string, or the underlying pencil line in a Zentangle, is the foundation for the patterns we draw. A string is one of the things that makes Zentangle accessible to just about anyone who can use a pen. Once you’ve got the string, the patterns fall into place easily.

On Monday morning I was surprised by the diva’s weekly challenge no. 97: no strings attached! Even though I have plenty of art-making experience, this challenge felt a little like having the rug whisked out from under me. But, I plowed on. I wanted to do a Zentangle full of organic tangles, and thought this would be a good opportunity.



10 thoughts on “tangling without a string

  1. What a beautiful tile. I really admire it because I love the “organic” tangles, but always have trouble incorporating their openness into a tile. You’ve done an amazing job of composing this. I love it.

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