diva dancing for challenge 100

Laura Harms, a.k.a. the diva czt has been issuing Zentangle® challenges for two years, now. I’ve been joining in as I am able. I didn’t complete the looped border string challenge presented last week by guest diva Margaret Bremner. I began two tiles, one during lunch time at work, and one at home, but didn’t make the posting deadline.

Actually, I was finishing a group tangling collaboration that began back in September at the czt training in Providence. But that’s another post.

Both of my looped border tiles had just a bit more space to fill, and along came challenge 100, with a great new tangle: diva dance. It fit right in! Do click the link to challenge 100 and read the story. It’s heartwarming, as is being a part of the Zentangle community. You are welcome to join in, too. It’s just like Maria Thomas (co-founder of Zentangle) says about Laura and the diva blog, “She has created an arena for people to share, encourage and admire Zentangle art from around the world. She not only challenged us to do things we might never have thought of, but then asked us to get up the courage to exhibit them on her site for all to see.  All this without the worry of winning or losing. And in true Zentangle fashion, there was no criticism, only wonderful comments on one another’s art.”

So here are my contributions to challenge 100 (and 99 too).




10 thoughts on “diva dancing for challenge 100

    • Thank you! Some of the tangles (like hollibaugh and tripoli) really lend themselves well to extending beyond an area marked by the string. Of course, I have to do that tangle first, but I don’t really think about it or make a plan. It is more a, “wouldn’t it be neat if this one went over here,” kind of thought that occurs, and I go with it.

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