two for the diva’s 102: bunzo and auraknot

I am reminded, every time I work on a Zentangle, what fun it is to draw. It’s a quiet kind of fun, but joyful nonetheless.

There is the sensory aspect of feeling the pen slide across the surface, and seeing the ink form a wet line that dries as it melds with the paper. When I use the pencil to shade, I can feel the slight texture of the tile grabbing the graphite, and the pencil responds to how hard I press.

There is something almost spiritual– or magical– about the play of pondering how something might look, and making it happen with a pen in hand. It’s about making something out of nothing. And about concentration, and wonder.

There is a hush about drawing. There is only the noise of implement on surface… the energy is focused entirely on what is being created at .25 millimeters wide.

And then there is the exuberance of sharing what I have done. In the case of Laura Harms’ weekly challenge, I also get to see other interpretations. They’re always an inspiration, a way of seeing that there are infinite possibilities in whatever challenge we take on.

This week, Laura challenged us with a duotangle, using only two tangles: bunzo and auraknot. I was having so much fun with them, I did two tiles. For the first, I decided not to fill in the usual bunzo stripes, leaving an all-over linear field.


In the second, I wanted to weave the two tangles together, so they were intertwined.


I hope you’ll consider joining the challenge, if you haven’t already.


7 thoughts on “two for the diva’s 102: bunzo and auraknot

  1. Thank you everyone. As for intertwining two tangles, I think a good place to start is by extending bits of one tangle into the space(s) near it… always keeping the string in mind, but allowing it to be only a guide, and not a hard and fast rule.

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