gorgeous simplicity

Now that I am a mother with a young adult child, I see how the way I have lived, and the things I have found important, became models for her.

I realize how those things actually came from the generation before me and were imprinted upon me. My parents surrounded themselves and our family with what were to become classics, now. The beauty of Danish furniture of the 40s and 50s. Contemporary art that speaks with abstract symbols, or minimalism, evoking mood and meaning that’s beyond words. Cookware, tools, and serving dishes that were lovely because they were simple, and lacked embellishments. Just simple curves, tapered legs, smooth surfaces, and abstract forms.

The tangle that diva Laura Harms gave us for this week’s challenge is one that Margaret Bremner created after seeing the pattern on a soap dispenser in a friend’s bathroom. “Dansk” (or Danish) was imprinted on the bottom, and so became the name for this beautiful and simple tangle. Margaret’s instructions reveal how a small teardrop shape can become a gorgeous, yet simple, array of sweeping curves.

I love this tangle! There are lots of possibilities inherent in the design. My two interpretations are below. It’s definitely a tangle I want to keep using, experimenting with where it might take me.

dansk1Tangles used in the above: dansk, flukes, bucky, nipa, and marasu.

dansk2Tangles used: dansk, quandary, shattuck, crescent moon (variation), striping (variation), diva dance, and knightsbridge.


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