a new look at the familiar

Cris, a fellow CZT, is hosting a virtual Zentangle book club. How cool is that? We are reading and doing the exercises in One Zentangle a Day, by Beckah Krahula. I think it’s a great way to really delve into a book. Unfortunately, the stack of dirty dishes next to my sink tells another story: I need to find a housekeeper so I can keep up with all this tangling!

Cris and the book club are going at a good clip: a chapter a day on weekdays. If you would like to join in, or follow along, check this out. For the moment, you can get a Kindle version of the book. As of today’s date, the printed version is sold out, at least on Amazon.

Along with creating a personal chop (symbol) there are three tangles to learn and practice for day one: static, tipple, and crescent moon. I teach the very same tangles to beginning students, so I was glad to have the chance to explore new possibilities with the familiar.

Here are the tiles I created:

In the first, I used a couple of different aura ideas around crescent moon, and used static and tipple much as I always do. I shade static to bring out a “folded fan” kind of effect, and shade around each tipple circle so the area looks like a collection of smooth stones.
In the second tile, I decided to ask “what if?” What if I shaded only some of the tipples? What if the aura around crescent moon was filled sometimes? What if I treated the static area as one shape with a decorated surface, rather than hills and valleys?

This was a good exercise in limiting. I had to suppress the urge to use tangles that are new and unexplored, and stick with the familiar.


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