pattern as tonal value

Day two of the One Zentangle A Day virtual book club was a fun one. I had never used The nekton tangle before, because it seemed like it would be difficult to bring all of the directional line elements together. It’s not as regular and organized as keeko, but it has a nice quality all its own. I’m glad I finally tried it. The matching-up of the areas actually happens fluidly and organically, without the confusion I was expecting.

Another new experience was consciously altering a pattern to show depth. Larger pattern parts and lines drawn farther apart appear lighter and closer to us. Smaller objects and lines drawn closer together look darker and farther away. While I have done this before without really thinking about it, now I did it purposefully. It’s a nice thing to have in my mental toolkit. I don’t think I will spring it on beginning students, but it’s great for giving tiles and tangles a little more impact.


Tangles used on this tile: knightsbridge, tipple, nekton, fescu, crescent moon, and static.


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