year of the snake

Today, morning came all crackles and ice.

Despite a week of balmy 20s— and even a couple of breezy near-40-degree noon jaunts to my favorite downtown Milwaukee deli for a mixed green salad, winter decided that it’s not quite done, here in Wisconsin, today. It’s COLD OUTSIDE!!

My tile for this week’s diva challenge was ready and waiting for me to snap a picture, transfer the image to my computer, open it in Photoshop and adjust lighting, contrast, and saturation (I try to get images as close as I can to their true state) and then write a few words here at crafthatchery to share with you.

But, I had to attend to another bunch of details first. Today I was expecting students! Right here, in my little art-house, a daughter and her mom were joining me for an afternoon of Zentangle. I had to vacuum up the remains of the week (some crumbs, lots of cat hair, and a bit of ash near the stove), crank up said stove to produce some warmth,  and get ready for their arrival. Oh, and the bathroom was in dire need of a going-over.

Linda, Marilyn and I had a wonderful, focused, and productive Zentangle session. Little did they know, and little did I realize, until later, that they were participants in the very first, real-life, crafthatchery happening. I’ve led other classes, but not here, where I feel crafthatchery resides. Thank you, Linda and Marilyn!

And what does my Saturday routine have to do with the year of the snake? this week’s challenge? Well, just about everything. You see, it’s all connected. For one, the Chinese new year began just before Valentine’s day on February 10. According to a Chinese culture site, this is what is in store for us in 2013: steady progress and attention to detail. Focus and discipline will be necessary for you to achieve what you set out to create. The snake is enigmatic, intuitive, introspective, refined, and collected.

Wait… were they talking about Zentangle? I mean, really, those were the ideas we were talking about in today’s class!

And so, here is my tile for the challenge. It’s my personal celebration of this new year of focus, discipline, and creation.


3 thoughts on “year of the snake

    • Thank you! Laura, the diva, suggested doing a google search on “chinese patterns,” so I did. The pattern in the center oval and the star-triangle one encircling it came from that search. The star-triangle reminds me of the tripoli tangle, without spaces between the triangles.

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