make it sparkle!

When you learn Zentangle, you learn the wonderful language used to describe different elements. There are names for each tangle (sometimes with a story to go along), and names for drawing concepts. The language surrounding Zentangle enhances the overall understanding… and it’s fun!

I first learned how to add sparkle by watching Maria Thomas demonstrate zander on the DVD that comes with the Zentangle kit, but didn’t learn the associated word until she showed us the printemps tangle during CZT training in Providence this past September. It is a great way to add little spots of light to your design.

We’re exploring the addition of sparkle to tangles on day five of the One Zentangle A Day virtual book club. A big plus for me: being prompted to use the isochor tangle, another one that I hadn’t tried before.


In this tile I used printemps, isochor, crescent moon, nekton, jonqal, hollibaugh, and poke-root. Amazing how many tangles can fit on a little tile… and there’s still some interesting white space left.

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