anything is possible…

…one stroke at a time. It’s so true, and amazing to watch: people, who left their crayons behind at kindergarten age, that pick up the pencil and pen of Zentangle, and very simply and easily begin to draw beautiful tableaus.

I never stopped drawing (and no one told me I couldn’t draw), so it is an amazing thing to see and hear the emotions and thoughts that occur as people (re)awaken to their inherent ability. I’m not usually able to identify specific things to be grateful for, and then gush over them in thankfulness. Who am I thanking? is the unanswered question. However, the opportunity to bring the one-stroke-at-a-time idea to people is an exception.

Those are the thoughts that occurred to me as I ventured into day six of One Zentangle A Day, practicing what author Beckah Krahula calls one-stroke patterns: amaze, mooka, and flux. Amaze is the one tangle of the bunch that I’ve found you can actually do without lifting your pen. Mooka is possible, if you don’t cross the tendrils over each other. Flux? I’m not sure why Beckah calls it a one-stroke tangle. A single leaf, teardrop, or apostrophe shape can be made in one swoop, so maybe that’s it. I do like to make more than one, and to add the central curved line that makes it look leafy, so I guess I’m a two-stroke flux drawer.

Here’s my tile. Some tipple found its way between the leafy shapes, too. I figured it was okay, since I can draw a circle in one stroke.



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