a new challenge!

Diva Laura Harms’ latest challenge no. 108 is to use the whyz tangle by Jane MacKugler. It’s great fun to play with.

About fun: At the CZT training in Providence, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts would often say, “Now here’s something that’s really fun,” and proceed to show us something new to draw. And it was fun… a lot of fun. The experience does not need to be hurtling down a hill on two long boards strapped to your feet to be thrilling. I do like to ski, but find just as much enjoyment from the Zentangle experience. Maybe more.


In the tile above, along with two interpretations of whyz, I used flux, meer, crescent moon, tripoli, shattuck, and tried out Margaret Bremner’s krli-qs.


Here is some quandary, a hibred-knase mixture, whyz, betweed, keeko, and avreal, along with some spidery star shapes that just happened along the way.


12 thoughts on “a new challenge!

  1. Both are beatiful, but in the first one the shading is stunning! In the second one the (sort of) black stars are so original.

    • Thanks, Jane. I credit practice, and more practice, for the line work. And not just practice to mastery, but continued practice so it doesn’t go away. Composition is a little practice, a little intuition, and some experimentation. That’s why I think anyone can do Zentangle… most all of us have the ability to practice, to see (and make choices) intuitively, and can experiment and compare.

  2. Great Designs! I really like how some patterns bleed into the others. Your control and eye are both beautiful.

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