organic tangles

Day fifteen of the virtual tangling book club was a favorite of mine. The chapter introduces three more tangles (all three are favorites) and introduces tangled journaling and the idea of carrying Zentangle materials with you all the time.

I have been carrying sketchbooks with me for a long time. I added two small Zentangle sketchbooks to my bag when I first discovered Zentangle in July of 2012. One is to record new tangles that I learn, and the other is to draw ZIAs (Zentangle Inspired Art). A small stack of tiles comes along with me now.

I can’t say whether I prefer organic or geometric tangles. I like both ends of the spectrum, and I like using them together for interesting contrasts. Beckah Krahula introduced yincut as an organic tangle. I think of it as a geometric tangle because it’s drawn into a grid, but agree that it can take on an organic flavor.

Here is day fifteen’s tile:


The tangles I used for this tile were mooka, onamato, flux, tipple, yincut, locar, and verdigogh.


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