amazing feats of scheduling

My mom, at least as long as I have known her, has always been impressed by people who have super packed and hectic schedules, racing from thing to thing to thing to thing… yet they get it all done and accomplished. I’m a lot like my mom in this regard. Those people amaze me, but I like to take my time with things. After I take some time, I like to think about whatever it was I did, or saw, or made.

Lately, though, I’ve felt a little crazy inside, as if I was taking on too much, and not giving things their due amount of time and thought. So, I gave the crazy-inside-feeling a little thought, and came up with a list. It’s a list of things I do, frequently or not, that are important to me in my life (in no special order):

1. Commute about one to two hours a day by mass transit
2. Work eight or so hours, with a half-hour lunch (Zentangle!), every weekday
3. Draw… mostly Zentangles, these days
4. Paint when I get an hour or four
5. Teach Zentangle classes
6. Participate in a virtual book club about Zentangle (drawing, blogging)
7. Participate in the Diva’s weekly challenge as I’m able (drawing, blogging)
8. Keeping track of and writing the odd post on my blog, other than book club or diva challenge
9. Exercise, both aerobic and weight-bearing (half to one hour daily)
10. Spend some much-enjoyed time with my mom, dad, any siblings that are around, and my wonderful daughter (parents and daughter are an hour away, sibs much farther)
11. Pat the cat, do the laundry, run for groceries, and soon… yard work, finish building my stone wall, and paint the rest of the window trim!
12. Spend time with friends.

Wait a minute. Did I just say, a few paragraphs ago, that I wasn’t one of those people who make a mad dash through everything?

Despite the list, I think I am still one of those one-thing-at-a-time people. But I think I figured out a key thing: scheduling. Oh, sure… I have always been able to write things in a calendar… but this is about scheduling appointments with myself to be able to participate fully in the things I love to do.

There are, of course, things like work and laundry that simply must be done. There are other things that I can slot into my schedule, not on a daily basis, but weekly, or monthly, or quarterly. Or in the case of the yard work, plant native prairie plants that don’t need a lot of work, but look good and attract cool animals.

It can all fit if I don’t expect to work on it all at once, every day.

Anyway, I just finished a couple of fun weeks of teaching Zentangle. So now I can jump into a diva challenge like no. 111: a monotangle of mooka!

I took a few moments to think about all the mooka I’ve seen around, and wondered, what if mooka was less curvy and more straight-lined? What would happen then? Here’s what happened for me:


Enjoy, and I’ll see you the next time around.


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