honoring my home planet

The diva writes, “…this week’s challenge is our Mother Earth and whatever that means to you. However you’d like to interpret that.”

My interpretation is abstract. I think Zentangle is at its best as an abstract expression. The branch-like elements could be tree forms, but could also signify how the idea of honoring and caring for our planet has expanded and grown from that first April 22 in 1970. Or, they can be interpreted however you see them today. Abstraction is cool like that.

I am proud to live in the country, in fact, the state (Earth Day founder, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson was from Wisconsin) where it began. However, I am sad to be a citizen in a place where the bottom line so often “wins” over responsible stewardship of our beautiful, living, ever-interconnected home. I hope Earth Day will always remind us of our responsibility, and that we continue to do whatever is in our power to protect this planet, this life.


I used flux, tipple, lotus pods, isochor, diva dance, hibred, shattuck, sez, ix, dansk, and knightsbridge for this tangle. There are other wonderful interpretations for challenge no. 115 at the diva’s blog.


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