drawing blind

This week’s diva challenge 116 involves closing your eyes to draw your string. I liked it, and thinking in the usual Zentangle fashion… when have I closed my eyes to choose a path in life, and what happened (what did I make of it) when I did?


I used these tangles: équerre, betweed, vigne, striping, onamato, tipple, crescent moon, copada, and shattuck. Oh, and at the top, one of my own that I call kitchener. I’ll get the step-out drawn soon (though I think you could figure it out).


6 thoughts on “drawing blind

    • Funny you should say that. When I open the image of a tile in Photoshop, I try to get it as close as I can to the off-white of the Zentangle tiles and the dark/light of pen, pencil, and paper. But when I see all the tile images together, I realize how different they all are. There are so many variables at work!

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