great growing things: yards and art

Just in from tending to the crazy growing thing I call my back yard, urging to life the things I want to grow, and clipping, snipping, pulling, and trimming those things I don’t.

That’s a lot like how we tend to making art, don’t you think? In Zentangle, there is no eraser, so there is not a lot of trimming and clipping after the lines are drawn. But, if something isn’t looking quite right, I stop and choose a new tangle. I’m not completely anchored to the string, in that regard… I use the underlying pencil foundation as just a suggestion. Sometimes a tangle grows like a weed, pushing the boundaries, while other times they stay all neat and orderly inside the lines. It’s a great adventure.

Every week I look forward to a new adventure at the diva’s website. This week it was a UMT (use my tangle) by fellow CZT Katy Abbott, called Kuke (her instructions for the tangle are here). It’s based on her observation of a slice of cucumber.


In my first tile, I use kuke, diva dance, widgets, eye-wa, striping, lotus pods, knase, a few black pearlz, and a little bit of knightsbridge.


Here, it’s another new one to me, quare, plus kuke, sez, striping, groovy, tripoli, shattuck, hibred, and knase.


10 thoughts on “great growing things: yards and art

    • Yes! Initialing, or putting your “chop” on the face of the tile is one of those Zentangle things, which is also close to my heart. My father signs his paintings symbolically, with three triangles stacked on top of each other, an abstraction of army sergeants’ stripes and a play on our surname, Sargeant. My chop is a combination of my first initial, M, with three inverted V’s… more sergeants’ stripes. On the back of the tile, you sign your name, date, and write anything you want. I usually record the names of the tangles I used, so I don’t forget them.

  1. Love your first tile! Also love the variations of widgets that you came up with! Its a tangle near and dear to my heart!

    • I hadn’t tried widgets before… they’re really fun! Thanks for coming up with them. I see you’re in Wayzata… I used to live just west of there in Long Lake. Fond memories.

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