balancing act

This week at diva Laura Harms’ weekly challenge, we are working with equal parts black and white within a tile… based on a suggestion from Maria Thomas, and this post on the Zentangle blog. It will be interesting to see how the two balance for everyone. I chose tangles that are generally darker or lighter, or some that I could tangellate to fit the area I was working in. I drew a string, and then added lines to divide my tile into four horizontal stripes (the demarcations between black and white).

This was an excellent challenge. I’ll definitely be keeping it in mind for future tiles.


I used sláinte, flukes, lotus pods, cadent, betweed, and striping.


10 thoughts on “balancing act

  1. I really like this tile ~ you need to look at it for a while to see ALL of the detail you gave to it ~ wonderful!

  2. Wow, very effective! I love the underlying stripes, how between turns into striping, and your floating lotus pods, in particular! Amazing shading that gives such wonderful depth!

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