summer tangling

Two winters ago, the ice and snow did their best work and popped out a section of the retaining wall next to my garage. Last summer, I pulled and dug and dragged all the rock down. Dodging the heat wave, I managed to put in the first three layers before winter.

This spring (and into the summer) I was back, piecing together the layers for a few good hours every weekend. Here’s a picture of the wall without the heaviest stones on top. I’m still working on those.


While hefting fifty-pound rocks is nowhere near gently drawing on a small, square tile, there was something very intriguing and engaging about fitting the pieces together, kind of like drawing.

I have continued my Zentangle practice when I’m not outside, and thought I’d post my most recent tile, done in response to the diva’s challenge this week: use birdie feet, by Owl Loving April.

diva125The tangles in this tile are hibred, sláinte, riverstones, tripoli, knightsbridge, bridgen, and birdie feet.


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