repetition and symmetry

The assignment this week from the diva was to use stencils to create the underlying string for tangling. I found all kinds of similarities to the work I did earlier in the week, creating a symmetrical zendala.

Despite my usual avoidance of designs using symmetrical balance, I found that I enjoyed it from a Zentangle perspective. If I focused on each stroke as an individual moment to be present within, it didn’t matter that I was creating a design that incorporated repeated, balanced elements.


The tangles I used in the zendala: inapod, striping, ynix, mooka, flux, and lamar.

Likewise, the repeating shapes of a stencil seemed to naturally invite some tangle repetition. I found myself leaning toward it, rather than trying to differentiate too much. Aside from deciding which shapes received a certain tangle, I was free to relax into the pen strokes.


The tangles in the above tile are flux, hurry, striping, and tipple.


I used dansk inside the hexagon shapes of this stencil, and then just repeated lines, stopping toward the center to let some negative space become part of the design.

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