take the time, make the time

I am really glad that our diva of Zentangle challenges comes up with a new idea for tangling every week. I do love exploring new assignments, and often have so much going on in other realms that without that extra boost, I might not take the bits of time necessary for drawing. The challenge this week: use string no. 004 from the collection of strings and tangles that is tanglepatterns.com.

diva129-1Tangles I used in the tile above: cadent, tagh, bunzo, opus, Tricia Faraone’s sanibelle, and Carole Ohi’s floatfest.


On a walk during lunch this week, I noticed some symbols spray-painted on the sidewalk, indicating gas or cable lines under the concrete. I used variations thereof in the upper right, in addition to the following tangles: sez, diva dance, springkle, striping, quib, hibred, lanie by Adele Bruno, asian fans by Suzanne McNeill, and leaflet by Helen Williams.


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