well, well, well

Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, of Zentangle®, just released a new official tangle called well. I like all the possibilities with this tangle! I got to explore some of them because the assignment for the diva challenge this week is to use it. You can read more and see how to create the tangle by reading the September 3 Zentangle newsletter.

Well is really conducive to being mindful and focused on making each pen stroke. The steps are easy to remember, and I found myself getting into the rhythm of the curved lines that connect grid corners to the central orb.


The above tile includes these tangles: well, flux, striping, hibred, and bunzo, plus an African symbol I found.


Tangles used above: well, knase, deelish, hibred, striping, mi2, flux, shattuck, and finery.


The last tile includes well, tripoli, knightsbridge, voga, and opus.