weaving with a tangle

I got a chance to play with one of the 8s tangles created by Jane Eileen, thanks to the diva’s challenge this week. They are all drawn onto a unique 8-dot grid; this particular one (used in both tiles below) is 8s parte dos.

Like mi2, huggins, and w2, the 8s result in a woven look. They’re challenging to work out, but once you know where the curves go and how they relate, there are a lot of opportunities for exploration. I’ll definitely use this one again!


8s parte dos with auras.


8s parte dos with hollibaugh, vega, and xyp.

If you’re interested in learning 8s parte dos, wander over to this post by Jane Eileen. You’ll also find 8s, 8s parte tres, 8s parte quattro, and a host of great tangellations of them all on her blog.

21 thoughts on “weaving with a tangle

  1. Mary, these are beautiful! I love the whole Zentangle “movement” I have one student who has one literally hundreds of them, added watercolor, and has sold a lot of them. They are fun o do aren’t they? I definitely want to try these.

    • Jane, I stumbled on Zentangle because of a postcard advertising a workshop. I couldn’t go to the class, but started looking online (starting with zentangle.com and tanglepatterns.com). I hadn’t even used up all the tiles from my new Zentangle kit when I signed up for their Certified Zentangle Teacher workshop in Providence. It’s such a great combination of drawing and meditation, plus all the fun quirky things like tangles with names, and the little tiles. One of the best things is teaching it, especially to people who are sworn non-drawers.

    • Thanks Jenna. Isn’t Zentangle amazing? Of all the parts of Zentangle, the shading seems to be the most challenging for my students. There isn’t a quick fix, though. Experiencing the tools and plenty of practice… that’s the advice I give students.

  2. Great tiles! I think you cracked it by clumping your 8’s. I kept messing mine up by trying to have spaces in the middle which was too complicated for an already-challenging pattern (note to self!)

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