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I had the pleasure of attending a living room show last week, in Madison, Wisconsin. My daughter was the star performer, kicking off her Kickstarter crowd-sourcing project. You can see a video and read all about the project (and donate, if you like) here.

The hosts introduced us to the house they call Muriel, and a fun idea: living room shows. I drew a tangle in honor of Muriel. She’s 99 years old.


Tangles used: all about v, juke, mi2, shattuck, knightsbridge, quandary, and flux.

This week’s diva challenge invites us to tangle on an outline of the Moebius Syndrome Foundation logo. The syndrome is dear to the hearts of many tanglers now, because diva Laura Harms shares her experiences with Artoo, her son who has the disorder.

We did this challenge last year (here’s my tile), and I really liked the Zentangle I came up with. That made the second time around a little daunting! I decided to try a Zendala tile this time, and abstract the moebius strip a little more than last year by not including all of it on the tile.


Tangles used: striping, betweed, hibred, knightsbridge, flux, sláinte, emingle, printemps, knase, and unyun, plus an African-inspired symbol and a technique I saw used with beautiful results by a man named Witold Reidel. You can see his delicious drawings here. Click on catalogue for a clickable list of his drawings.


4 thoughts on “new ideas

  1. Muriel must be very honored by this very beautiful tile! Your Moebius logo is great too. YOU used great tangles in both pieces.

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